Get your “add-to-cart” thumbs ready! Nugget just released two limited edition Sesame Street Nugget couches tots will adore!

The Elmo Nugget and the Cookie Monster Nugget! ($279)

Unless you’ve managed to avoid civilization for the past few years, you’ve totally heard of the Nugget couch by now. Part furniture, part toy, the design is simple: Four foam pieces (a thicker base, a thin cushion, and two triangular pieces) that offer little ones countless hours of open-ended play and their (exhausted parents) relief from relentless cries of “I’m borrrredddd!”

Call it genius or perfectly suited to pandemic times, there’s no denying the Nugget is one of the most coveted kid products on the market right now. Last fall they dropped the first run of the much-anticipated Elmo edition which required a lottery win to purchase. (Not surprisingly, it was one of the most popular Nuggets of all time.) Today’s drops are available directly from their website but like all their releases, likely won’t last long.

The whimsical designs bring both beloved characters to life with appliquéd faces on the microsuede triangular cushions and colorful all-over patterns on the thin cushion. Already have a Nugget but don’t want to miss the boat? No worries! You can purchase the Sesame Street style covers ($159) separately as well.

Happy playing!

Nugget Sesame Street Elmo Styled