Many of us who have experienced the devastation of pregnancy loss look to honor the babies we never got to hold and create space for our grief. For some, that expression may take the form of a miscarriage tattoo. If you’re looking to ink a tribute to your loss, here are some miscarriage tattoo ideas to serve as inspiration.

There so many things not to say to someone who has experienced a miscarriage, but here is one thing we will say: we are so sorry you are going through this. We hope you’re receiving the support and care you need.

Why a miscarriage tattoo? 

Miscarriage can be a painful word to read or hear for those who’ve lost a pregnancy. There are many ways people process their emotions and, for some, a miscarriage tattoo may be part of the healing journey. Here are three common reasons people get miscarriage tattoos:

Creating space for grief

A miscarriage tattoo can give form to a pain that can be frustratingly intangible, yet heavy to carry. To give it shape can be freeing, as the grief has a physical place to exist.

Bringing back a sense of control

Pregnancy loss is something that leaves many feeling helpless. The process of designing a miscarriage tattoo, choosing an artist, deciding where exactly to place it, and then sitting through the sometimes painful process of its application can return a sense of control.

Acknowledging the life that was lost

A miscarriage tattoo is a way to express that your baby was real. That you carried her. That she matters. Depending on the location of the tattoo, it might also be a conversation starter, giving you the opportunity to talk about your experience.

15 meaningful miscarriage tattoo ideas

Looking for inspiration for your own miscarriage tattoo? Maybe one of the ideas below will appeal to you. Or maybe just scrolling through them will get you into the headspace to design a tribute to the baby or babies you’re holding in your heart.

Date miscarriage tattoos

Date tattoos often include the day someone found out they were pregnant, the date of their loss or their baby’s would-be due date.

Quote miscarriage tattoos

People often choose a quote that resonates with them, embodies their grief or, depending on their beliefs, represents hope for meeting their baby in an afterlife. 

Animal miscarriage tattoos

Many miscarriage tattoos incorporate birds, butterflies, elephants or other wildlife.

Flower miscarriage tattoos

Flowers are a lovely way to represent a life that felt delicate and beautiful. Birth month flowers or other symbolic blooms are popular picks.

Mother and baby miscarriage tattoos

The moment so many anticipate and then grieve after pregnancy loss is the opportunity to hold their baby in their arms, which makes mama and baby imagery especially powerful.  

Other symbolic miscarriage tattoos

Lots of miscarriage tattoos incorporate a few ideas above or focus on a single powerful symbol, like angel wings, baby footprints, rainbows or an infinity sign to show a mother’s endless love.

A note from Motherly: Miscarriage tattoos

To all of those struggling with the grief of miscarriage, please know we’re holding space for you. We hope that these miscarriage tattoo ideas can serve as a small start to your healing journey, however that process might look.