Read on to find out why the Evenflo Pivot Xplore Wagon is a Motherly editor favorite or just get right to snagging it for 36% off courtesy of Amazon Prime Day

I have to admit that I never understood the point of wagons before having kids of my own. Strollers? Sure. Wagons? Not really.

Then I became a mom and when summer came around, we all needed a break from our apartment and wanted to go to the beach. I was not prepared for the amount of things you need when going anywhere with kids, but especially for a full day out. Towels, sand toys, snacks and drinks, an umbrella, a change of clothes, more toys just in case, and the list goes on and on and on.

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After a couple of failed attempts—because sadly we only have two hands and one of us has to carry the toddler—we decided to invest in a wagon that could carry our stuff, but also was appropriate for our son. What a game-changer the Evenflo Pivot Xplore Wagon is.

Here’s the thing: It’s not just good for summer days. It’s ideal for apple picking, or going on a pumpkin patch, riding around your neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights or spending the day at the aquarium.

This thing is amazing. When we first took it for a stroll around our neighborhood to test it out people were legit doing a double-take trying to figure out what we were pushing. Once we took it for a real test at the beach we realized this was the ultimate wagon as it never once got stuck in the sand, even loaded with kids and towels. It has two modes, push (for stroller) or pull (for wagon) which makes it all-terrain and ready to be used both in the city and on any adventures. The basket is low enough for kids to be able to climb in and out, making it ideal for activities like the zoo or a park, when your littles will constantly be hopping in and out of it.

More to know: The Evenflo Pivot Xplore Wagon is for children who can sit up by themselves, but can be used with a their car seat adapter or the versatile toddler seat. It is super easy to collapse to store or have in the trunk of any car. People will stop and ask you what this magical carriage is about 35 times every time you take it out, so be warned!

Evenflo Pivot Xplore Wagon

Evenflo Pivot Xplore Wagon



Pivot Xplore Wagon

A top-rated favorite, the Evenflo Pivot Xplore All Terrain Stroller Wagon isn’t just Amazon’s pick for stroller wagon, it also boasts a near perfect 4.8 star rating. Like the Veer, it’s rugged and ready for both urban and off-road adventures. All-terrain wheels that never go flat can conquer everything from wooded trails to packed sand while two generous UPF 50+ canopies offer shade at any angle. (We took it for a real test at the beach and it never once got stuck in the sand, even loaded with kids and towels!) But don’t worry that shade=stuffiness. The design incorporates a ton of breathable mesh which keeps air flowing while keeping harmful rays out. A shareable snack tray with two cup holders and a deep, roomy footwell keep littles happy and comfortable.

It’s also super easy to switch from stroller to wagon mode. Just a press of the button adjusts the handle and parents note that in both configurations, it’s easy for tall parents to captain. It consistently gets high marks for its steering and maneuverability, even when pushing or pulling one-handed. Speaking of one-handed, the exterior storage basket offers plenty of space to stash your extra diapers, snacks or toys and if you’d rather keep things more streamlined, it can rotate into the wagon if you’ve only got one kiddo in tow.

Overall, this one makes a great case for skipping the double stroller. It’s more versatile, easier to navigate, and takes up the same amount of space.

Was $399, now $255.99

A version of this story was published September 2019. It has been updated.