If you’ve got a kid under five, you’ve definitely heard of the Nugget couch by now. You know, the notoriously hard to get, Instagram famous play couch? If not, let’s catch up.

Part furniture, part toy, the design is simple: Four foam pieces (a thicker base, a thin cushion, and two triangular pieces) that offer little ones countless hours of open-ended play and their (exhausted parents) relief from relentless cries of “I’m borrrredddd!”

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Call it brilliant or perfectly suited to spending months on end at home during a global pandemic, there’s no denying the Nugget is one of the most coveted kid products on the market right now.

The main reason these mini sofas are so hot? Kids seem to play with them for hours. After all, nothing is more fun than playing with and lounging on couch–and in this case, it’s far less annoying than when they do it with your actual couch.

But with the success of the Nugget, an entirely new category has been unlocked. The play couch market seems to have exploded and while we do love the OG, we must say–there’s some totally worthy competition out there these days.

If you’re looking to join the Nugget couch fan club or interested in all the coolest alternatives, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite play couches that are worth a look!

Best Nugget play couches and Nugget alternatives

The Nugget



1. The Nugget

The one that started it all! It’s made with a microsuede fabric that’s super durable and a strong, supportive foam inside that’s just the right amount of firm but comfy. It comes in tons of colors and even some fun collabs like Sesame Street. The covers are totally machine washable and can be purchased separately if you’re every looking for a change!

Figgy Play Couch



2. Play Couch

Pssst! We have a confession. With more customization and optional waterproof liners, we’d choose the Figgy over the Nugget. While both offer a similar foot print, the fact Figgy’s cushions are all separate gives kids more building flexibility. (The Nugget base cushions can fold, but stay attached.) When they do want them to stay together, strong velcro keeps them in place. What’s more, wedge pieces and extra rectangles can be purchased separately to expand their building options.

Foamnasium Blocksy Kids Couch

Pottery Barn Kids


3. Foamnasium Blocksy Kids Couch

The Foamnasium comes in six muted colors and like the Nugget, consists of four separate pieces (two folding bases and two wedge cushions). In its standard configuration it’s 70″ wide and 33″ deep, which makes it longer and narrower than the Nugget. One of the best things about Foamnasium (besides the fact they’re all handmade in Indiana and GREENGUARD certified) is that they offer a bunch of fun add ons like wedges, stairs and even a cozy crash pad.




4. Fort Magnetic Play Set

This fort has transformed playtime! The cool shapes make my toddler’s imagination run wild as she’s figured out different ways to build a house, fort, or castle, or just some random mish-mash. The magnets are the most clutch part about it, keeping her build together, but not being too strong for when she’s ready to inevitably destroy it. Each set comes with 12 waterproof and wipeable shapes that can be reconfigured endlessly!

Member's Mark Kids' Explorer Sofa

Member's Mark


5. Kids' Explorer Sofa

Sold exclusively online at Sam’s Club, the Member’s Mark Kids’ Explorer Sofa is perhaps the most affordable and spot on dupe for the Nugget that we’ve seen. The quality is fantastic, and after the four foam pieces fill out (it takes less than a day), it looks amazing. It comes in eight fun colors and the covers can be machine-washed.

jela kids couch



6. 10-Piece Kids' Couch

While multiple pieces is a defining feature of play couches, most styles come with just four and require additional purchases to get things like wedges and bolsters. That’s not the case with the modular styles from jela. Their 10-piece kids’ couch comes with two base cushions, two top cushions, two bolsters, two wedges and two round cushions which can all be used separately or together for play or lounging. They also come in a wide array of colors, including this gorgeous floral pattern which is giving total Nap Dress vibes.

Jaxx Zipline kids modular loveseat ottomans fold out lounger



7. Zipline Kids

This play couch can transform from a children’s loveseat to a table or even a sleeping surface. It’s great for game and quiet time and with the back flipped up makes the perfect puppet theater! It comes in eight bold colors and the covers are all totally machine washable.

Softscape Toddler Playtime Corner Climber indoor active play structure for toddlers and kids

Factory Direct


8. SoftScape Corner Climber

Got a baby on the move? This four-piece set is ideal for babies and toddlers honing their climbing skills. The angles make it a great corner fit and it can easily be reconfigured to keep playtime interesting. It comes in five different color combos and can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Crash Couch

AK Athletics


9. Crash Couch

If you’ve got kids who’d fling themselves off the refrigerator should you turn your back too long, the Crash Couch from Ak Athletics is for you. This tough play couch is made from the same foam they use to make their rock climbing crash mats, so you know it’s safe. The four pieces (two mailbox mats, one bi-fold crash mat, one throw mat) can be arranged in tons of configurations from a couch to a fort to even an oversize throne.




10. Yogibo Max

Forget what you know about beanbags and let me introduce you to the magic that is the Yogibo Max. Perhaps the most coveted spot in our entire house, this mighty throne takes lounging to the next level. The EPS fill instantly conforms to your body the second you burrow into it and while it is big enough for multiple loungers, no one ever wants to share.

Children's Factory The Whatsit Kids Couch or 2 Chairs, Gray & Gold

Children's Factory


11. The Whatsit Kids Couch

If you’ve got multiple kids who can never seem to agree on anything, the Whatsit couch was made with them in mind. The six-piece design can be used all together or perfectly divided into two separate chairs. They come in four different color options with stain-repellent covers which are also machine washable.

Delta Children Serta Perfect Extra Wide Convertible Sofa to Lounger

Delta Children


12. Serta Perfect Extra Wide Convertible Sofa to Lounger

With an extra cozy removable cover and room for two, this kid-sized sofa turned lounger is perfect for everything from playtime to movie night. Just flip out the seat cushion when they want to kick back and stretch out. The lightweight foam is easy to cart from room to room and makes it easy to ship in an impressively small box!

Cassandra Stone also contributed to this post.

This article was originally published in February 2020. It has been updated.