As a soon-to-be mom of three, I have changing table organization down to a science—and I’m excited to share how to arrange diapers, wipes, creams and onesies for the most seamless, quick changes possible. I know the first months of parenthood are an adjustment for all, whether you’re a first-time parent or third-time parent. Having as much organized and set up for yourself ahead of time is key for your peace of mind. This will help you more fully enjoy your time with your new baby! 

On the top of our changing table I have a Babyletto changing pad that I love because it’s so easy to wipe down and clean. It’s also a great size that will last you through the toddler years! To the left of the changing pad, I keep a wipe warmer and dispenser, which is both convenient for you and soothing for your baby.

The top right drawer is where I store diapers and extra wipes. Experience with multiple types of diapers and wipes has made me a true believer in The Honest Company’s Clean Conscious Disposable Diapers and Plant-Based Wipes. I unpackaged the diapers so they are easy to reach while changing the baby. I keep everything neatly divided with adjustable drawer dividers

In the top left drawer, I keep my baby’s skincare products, hair brush, hair accessories and socks. Since these are all smaller items, I like to keep them stored and sorted in collapsible drawer organizers. Some of my favorites include lotions for sensitive skin, baby Vaseline, diaper rash cream, mini Wet Brush and cute bow headbands. And you can’t forget about cozy socks!

The center drawer of the dresser is where I like to keep baby’s clothes sorted. I keep onesies, tops and pants neatly stored in their own compartments divided by the same adjustable drawer dividers. I like to roll each piece of clothing to maximize space and also to make it easier to see each individual item of clothing.

The bottom drawer is where I keep all of baby’s swaddles and blankets. Because having extra diapers easily available is a must, I keep another pack down here. 

Nesting and preparing for the arrival for your your baby is one of the sweetest times of life. Prepping a safe and cozy space for your baby is essential, and a changing table is the perfect place to do this. With the right items and organization system in place, you can ensure that your baby is clean, dry and comfortable at all times.