Finding the right sleep position when you’re pregnant is virtually impossible. But, one husband’s TikTok video is going viral for the ingenious way he’s helping his pregnant wife get a better night’s sleep.

Tony Lopez, who goes by @luxuryrenovation on TikTok, recently posted a sleeping hack video that now has over 35 million views.

The video starts with a view of their bed featuring what looks like a small mattress stacked on top of another larger one.

The voice over states, “When your pregnant wife wants to lay face down explained,” and then we see Lopez point to the left side of the bed and say, “Obviously, this is my side.” The side he points to does not have the stacked second mattress.

The camera pans to the right side where he tells us he cut a hole in a mattress topper and then laid that right on top of their original mattress so that his pregnant wife’s belly can be supported while she sleeps face down. “See this is just foam,” he explains.

Husband-of-the-year much? We love a supportive husband that not only notices when his wife needs help with something but also does something about it! Lopez adds at the end of the video, “She said she loves it.”

It’s hard to get comfortable in bed as your pregnancy progresses. Pregnancy sleeping positions can vary depending on what stage of pregnancy you’re in and what’s comfortable for your body. While it’s recommended that lying on your side is the best position for pregnancy sleep, experts at Stanford Medicine do say that it’s, “OK to sleep on your stomach if it is comfortable.”

The nights ahead are going to be even more restless once your little one enters the world. Plus, newborn sleep schedules can vary dramatically. So, anything that helps moms get more sleep wins in my book.

This viral pregnancy sleeping hack video has thousands of comments from viewers who love this father-to-be’s invention and some from a few followers who thought the hole was for something else entirely.

“This is true definition if he wanted to he would. Never change.”

“My standards for my future husband gets higher & higher when I get on TikTok 😂”

“I’m sending this to him and he needs to make a dip for the milkers too cuz they ✨️sensitive✨️”

“Not me thinking the hole is for the face 😅”


“I’m a little irrationally mad at my husband right now for not thinking of this”

TikTok makes you believe in yourself like no one else can. With all of the love this video has gotten, Lopez also created a hilarious follow-up that shows him setting sail to make his fortune on his beloved invention.