Anyone who has been through it knows that pregnancy—although sometimes magical—is often… well, the opposite of magical. Especially by those last few weeks, when your cute maternity overalls don’t feel “cute” anymore and, honestly, you are just desperate for the day you can get out of bed without feeling like a beetle stuck on its back. Add in having to pee 11 times during the night and a little sciatica pain for fun, and yeah… I guess you can say by week 38, the only “magic” you’re looking for is a trick that would let you see your feet again.

That’s why, one of the best investments you can make for your entire pregnancy (but especially that last trimester) is a comfortable, high-quality pregnancy pillow. But, as usual, there are endless choices, so we’ve broken down the different types of pregnancy pillows into categories to help you make the best choice.

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How to choose the best pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy is hard—no one will dispute that—so you deserve a good pillow that might make it a little bit easier. However, you might have to do a little digging (and a little self-reflection) if you are only going to purchase one, and here’s why. When searching for the best pregnancy pillow, you’ll learn that there are wedge pillows and cooling gel pillows. There are pillows that are better for back sleepers and pillows that are better for side sleepers. Do you want so splurge and spend extra cash or get a less expensive option? Looking for a pregnancy body pillow that’s eco-friendly? How about one that’s adjustable? Basically, you’ve got options, so to help, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best pregnancy pillows on the market. In the end, what matters most is that you choose the best pregnancy pillow for your own needs, because trust us, you’ll be glad you did by those last few weeks!

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U-shaped pregnancy pillows

U-shaped pregnancy pillows are among the most popular as they add support and comfort to your body in any position you sleep in throughout the night. So if you’re thinking you need relief for your back, hips, legs, or belly (or all of the above at the same time), try a U-shaped pregnancy body pillow.

Best U-shaped pregnancy body pillow

PharMeDoc U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow



U-Shaped Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

PharMeDoc’s U-shaped full body pregnancy pillow features a detachable extension that can be used as its own full body pillow, or attached to the main body pillow for additional back or belly support. It also comes in multiple colors and fabrics, including champagne pink velvet and organic mocha.


C-shaped pregnancy pillows

Pregnancy pillows come in a variety of shapes, and for some moms-to-be, a C-shape as opposed to a full body U-shape works better. C-shaped pillows still offer support to your growing belly as well as help align your hips and neck, but they don’t take up as much room in your bed as U-shaped pregnancy pillows.

Best C-shaped pregnancy body pillow

Boppy C-shaped pregnancy pillow



Total Body C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

A brand moms everywhere have trusted for decades, Boppy’s C-shaped pillow is our favorite in this category. An all-around good quality pillow, this ones provides the prenatal and postnatal pillow support you’ll need as it supports your bump, lower back, hips, and shoulders.

Multi-purpose pregnancy pillows

By nature, we’re smart shoppers who want to get the most out of the things we buy, especially expensive ones. A good pregnancy body pillow will last long after baby arrives and serve various other functions, making it one of the most worthwhile investments you can make when it comes to pregnancy purchases.

Best multi-purpose pregnancy pillow

Unilove 7-in-1 Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow



Hopo 7-in-1 Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow

“4 trimesters, 1 pillow” their website reads, so this one must be a magic pillow. In reality, the Hopo really does serve as a full body support pillow while you’re pregnant, as well as a postpartum lounge seat for baby and breastfeeding pillow, among other functions. Why buy multiple pillows when you can get one that does it all?

Wedge style pregnancy pillows

Whether it’s due to lack of space, or to have a smaller pillow for travel, or just what some women prefer, the wedge is a popular alternative to the full body pregnancy pillow. Although smaller and primarily focused on one body part at a time, a good wedge pillow will definitely help you get the rest and comfort you need as your bump grows. Plus, they’re often more affordable than larger pillows!

Best wedge pregnancy pillow

hiccapop wedge pillow



Pregnancy Pillow Wedge for Belly Support

The 2-sided design of hiccapop’s wedge pregnancy pillow means you can choose between soft or firm based on what you find most comfortable (and you can switch back and forth as we all know that what we want changes as the night goes on!) Plus, you can also use the hiccapop wedge between your knees for leg and hip support, or place it behind your back for comfort there as well.

Cooling pregnancy pillows

Cooling pillows in general are one of the greatest gifts on Earth, but they are especially helpful during pregnancy. Growing another human means our body temperatures fluctuate and often rise to uncomfortable levels, making sleep difficult. A pregnancy pillow that can help cool us down while supporting our belly, hips, back, and neck… well, that’s just the dream isn’t it?

Best cooling pregnancy pillow

Queen Rose Cooling Pregnancy Pillow

Queen Rose


U-Shaped Cooling Pregnancy Pillow

The Queen Rose pillow will help you sleep like… well, a queen. With its moisture-wicking, breathable silky cover, this pregnancy pillow will always be cool to the touch, making it the best thing to put next to your overheated body at night (or all day, really). This one comes in all sorts of blues, pinks, and grays, and even a thermal mesh cotton, so pick the one that suits you best and enjoy a cool night’s sleep.

Pregnancy pillows for back sleepers

Back sleepers often struggle to transition to side-sleeping once they become pregnant, but like many changes during pregnancy, it’s important that we do whatever we need to do to keep baby safe. Knowing that side-sleeping helps increase circulation, which means more nutrients are getting to the placenta and to baby, you can invest in a pillow to help you do just that throughout the night.

Best pregnancy pillow for back sleepers

SOS side sleeper wedge pregnancy pillow

Belly Bandit


S.O.S. Side Sleeper Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

The S.O.S. Side Sleeper from Belly Bandit is a 3-piece set that includes a belt, a back support pillow and a side wedge pillow. Velcro tabs secure the pillows in position, and their ergonomically correct “no-rollover” foam will help prevent you from naturally rolling onto your back in your sleep. And here’s an extra bonus—the S.O.S. Side Sleeper comes in a travel case so you can bring it with you when you’re sleeping away from home.

Pregnancy pillows for side sleepers

Not everyone wants a the hard structure of a wedge for side-sleeping. Some would rather just use a softer pillow style instead. In comparison to full body pillows, side-sleeper pregnancy pillows tend to be smaller and easier to pack (and gentler on the bank account) and they still offer belly support, lower back support, or a cushion for between your knees.

Best pregnancy pillow for side sleepers

Boppy side sleeper pregnancy pillow



Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

Boppy’s side sleeper pregnancy pillow will help you stay comfortable while you sleep on your side in bed, and is also a great pillow for finding comfort on the couch, in a chair, or putting your feet up. The cover is easy to wash, and the pillow itself can be re-fluffed if needed by tossing it into the dryer with dryer balls.

Adjustable pregnancy pillows

What happens if you don’t know whether you want a C-shaped or U-shaped or any other shaped pregnancy pillow? Meet the adjustable pregnancy pillow! That’s right—you don’t actually have to choose, but rather, can buy yourself a comfortable pillow that can be twisted, squished, contorted, taken apart, or put back together to become whatever you need it to be.

Best adjustable pregnancy pillow

frida mom adjustable pregnancy pillow

Frida Mom


Adjustable Keep-Cool Pregnancy Body Pillow

Frida Mom’s adjustable pregnancy pillow comes with short and long inner pillows as well as an adjustable belt, which means you have lots of options! Make it a C-shape or make it a U… whatever works for your comfort level. Combined with this pillow’s micro-bead filling that keeps it cool to the touch and compact design that means it can easily fit into a travel bag, you can see why this one made the list.

Memory foam pregnancy pillows

Memory foam can be life-changing for people with chronic back, neck, or hip pain, so it’s not surprising that there is a market for memory foam pregnancy pillows. By conforming to your body while still providing support to your joints and muscles, memory foam pillows are often just the ticket to a good night’s sleep exhausted moms-to-be need.

Best memory foam pregnancy pillow

Snuggle-pedic memory foam pregnancy pillow



Full Body Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam

The Snuggle-Pedic pregnancy pillow does a lot of wonderful things to help you find comfort when you need it most. Not only does it conform to your specific body type and promote alignment in your back, legs, and hips while supporting your belly, but it also comes with a luxury cover made from rayon and bamboo that will help regulate your body temperature as those hormones fluctuate up and down.

Comfortable pregnancy pillows

We know that by the end, you’re pretty much never “comfortable” but a good pregnancy pillow should help. And, chances are, if you find the one that’s right for you, you’ll love it so much that you might just keep it long after your baby-making days are over. We won’t judge—I mean, who doesn’t love a good, soft, supportive pillow?!

Most comfortable pregnancy pillow you'll probably keep forever

Momcozy pregnancy pillow



U-Shaped Full Body Maternity Pillow

The Momcozy full body maternity pillow hugs you on both sides, offering support to your belly, back, legs, hips, and neck all at once. Filled with long silk cotton, Momcozy says their pillow will make you feel like you’re sleeping in a cloud. Plus, it’s durable and has excellent “bounce back” quality which means it will retain its shape for a long time. We have a feeling you’ll fall in love with this one and keep it forever!

Eco-friendly pregnancy pillows

You’re bringing a baby into this world, so you want to do your part to make the world safer, healthier, and overall just better for them. We do too! Part of that means reducing the waste you create and also ensuring you purchase items made with non-toxic, sustainable materials, even in the pillows you buy. The most sustainable pregnancy pillows are made from non-toxic, biodegradable materials, and are worth price.

Most eco-friendly pregnancy pillow

bbhugme pregnancy pillow



Certified Non-Toxic Pregnancy Body Pillow

Wow. The bbhugme pillow has a lot to brag about. It was developed by Scandinavian health professionals who focused on making this pillow ergonomic and adjustable while offering support for the belly, pelvis, and lower back. Also, the inner pillows are filled with Biofoam beads, which are produced from natural materials and compostable, and this pillow meets OEKO-TEX standard class 1, which means it’s free from toxic chemicals.

Luxury full body pillows that have it all

When it comes to pregnancy, there are some items that are truly worth paying extra for, and a comfortable, high-quality pregnancy pillow might be one of them for you. Whether it’s because a pillow has the best cooling technology, or has the prettiest and softest covers you’ve seen, or when you lie on it, you finally feel like a human and not a punching bag for five minutes, if you love it, we say get it.

Best luxury full body pregnancy pillow

Yana Sleep pregnancy body pillow

Yana Sleep


360° Body Pillow

Yana is the premier brand in sleep technology—and their commitment to keeping their customers, cool, well-rested, and stress-free are a few reasons why. The 360° Body Pillow is quite possibly the fancy “splurge” you need (and deserve!) to help you find comfort during these long, grueling months. Choose between cooling gel or natural latex fill, and get ready to feel your new pillow wrap and contour around you, helping you get the rest you need. Also, you can tie this pregnancy pillow in a decorative knot for compact storage (or a little added flair!)