January babies are a perfect way to kickstart the new year. Just like how you’re looking to the months ahead for a fresh start, having a January baby sets the tone for an exciting year ahead. Studies even show that people born in the winter months are less prone to mood swings and are likely to be less irritable than those around them, so these are just a few things to think about when looking for January baby names.

Of course, choosing a baby name for your little one can be a daunting task but luckily there’s inspiration everywhere. If your due date is in the beginning of the month then you might even consider Capricorn baby names. One thing’s for sure, your little bundle of joy is a great start to the new year.

Here are 20 January baby names for your lovely new year’s babe

Gender-neutral names for babies born in January

1. Aspen: This American name is inspired by trees that thrive in the colder weather, and it’s a beautiful option for both a baby girl or boy.

2. Kit: The name Kit is an adorable choice for both genders, and was made widely popular in recent years by “Game of Thrones” actor Kit Harington. The name, of Greek origin, is an ideal moniker for January since it means “hopeful.”

3. Aster: This Greek name meaning star feels like a perfect fit for a baby born in the cold weather months.

January baby names for girls

4. Anastasia: This name, of Greek origin, means “resurrection,” making it a good choice for a New Year’s baby.

5. Catherine: What little girl wouldn’t want to be named after the future Queen of England? Duchess Kate, aka Catherine Middleton, was born on January 9, 1982, making this name a super special one for the month. Not to mention, Catherine is a classic and timeless name.

6. Hope: This choice speaks for itself. Whether you’re someone who believes in making New Year’s resolutions, or keeps your personal goals to yourself, each January is filled with Hope for a healthy and happy year ahead, making this name a perfect fit for a baby girl born shortly after the first of the year.

7. Kiah: This unique name, of Indian origin, means “new beginning.”

8. Eliora: This strikingly name is of Hebrew origin and means “God is light,” which is a great choice for a baby born in the months where daylight is scarce.

9. Nova: Nova is another choice that brings the word “new” to life in the form of a name.

10. Winter: This name speaks for itself, and is perfect if you’re looking for a bold moniker. The nickname Winnie is a super cute way to get the best of both worlds.

11. Dawn: Everyone is familiar with the phrase “the dawn of a new beginning.”

12. January: While Jan may seem like an old fashioned name, the full name January — think actress January Jones — is unique and will definitely make a statement.

13. Renee: This name, of the French/Latin origin, means “reborn.”

January baby names for boys

14. Martin: January is the birth month of Martin Luther King Jr., and what better way to honor him and the work he did then to name your little one after the activist? Your baby boy is sure to be a leader with a name like Martin.

15. Zayn: One Directioner Zayn Malik was born on January 12, giving parents a good reason to use this unique name.

16. Navin: This gorgeous name means “new, novel” and would be perfect for a first of the year baby.

17. Bradley: If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, Brad, or Bradley, after actor Bradley Cooper (born on January 5) is a safe choice.

18. Justin: Another January celeb baby, Justin Timberlake, gives parents a good choice for a popular baby boy name.

19. Tanner: The nickname Tan is a Vietnamese name meaning “new,” but the full name of Tanner has become extremely popular in the United States in recent years.

20. Bodhi: This name, which means “awakening,” is an ideal choice for someone who wants to give their child a unique but strong moniker.

A version of this article was published December 10, 2020. It has been updated.