Talk about a birth experience.

Kaitlyn Vacchina of Lebanon, Connecticut gave birth this week during Winter Storm Cooper.

According to WFSB, while the storm raged, Kaitlyn’s husband David drove the couple to the Backus Hospital Emergency Department when she went into labor.

When they arrived, David ran into the hospital and called for help because their little girl was already on her way.

“I ran into the emergency room, ‘my wife’s in labor, we’re having a baby.’ When I get out there, her pants are down and I see a baby’s head crowning,” David told WFSB.

Medical staff arrived quickly and helped to safely deliver the baby, who was born in the front seat of their car.

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Hartford HealthCare
This rockstar mom gave birth in her car during a major snowstorm

The hospital’s photographer, Jeff Evans, was on-site and quickly captured the moment that their baby girl was brought out of the snow and into the hospital.

“Again, I got to say, right place at the right time. You never know. I always have my camera with me,” Evans said.

The Vacchinas named their daughter Molly. Both Kaitlyn and Molly are doing well.

We’re so impressed with Kaitlyn. Not only did she give birth during a pandemic, but she did it under incredible circumstances.

You rock, mama.