Whether it’s because you’re back at work post-maternity leave, or you’re on a quick weekend getaway without the baby (which you 1000% deserve) or you’re just simply running errands for a couple hours, there are a million and one reasons why moms often pump when they’re out of the house and need a cooler bag to store that coveted breastmilk in so they can save it for a future feeding. (Personally, as a breastfeeding mom, nothing broke my heart more than pumping and dumping because I didn’t have a safe way to keep my milk cold.)

That’s why one must-have on the list of breastfeeding products is a cooler bag for that liquid gold. But, as is often the case for busy moms on the go, there are endless choices! How long can breastmilk even be in a cooler? What should you look for in a breastmilk cooler bag? Let’s unpack and get some answers.

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How long can breastmilk be stored in a cooler bag?

According to the CDC, “Breastmilk can be stored in an insulated cooler with frozen ice packs for up to 24 hours when you are traveling.” And, the CDC adds, as soon as you’ve arrived to your destination, the breastmilk should be used, refrigerated, or frozen immediately.

So knowing that you can pump and safely keep your milk for future use, investing in a good breastmilk cooler bag is key if you want to continue to breastfeed when you’re away from your baby.

What should you look for in a breastmilk cooler bag?

Functionality, for one. For example, some bags hold six bottles or more. Others only hold one or two, or don’t even hold bottles at all and are only good for storing bags of breastmilk. Depending on your needs and budget, you might want to splurge on a high-end luxury cooler bag, or opt for a low-cost option that works for when you’re out of the house for just an hour or two.

Also, some breast milk cooler bags only fit certain brands of bottles, while others provide more room, fit all types of brands, and can even double as lunch totes or wine bottle coolers as well. With that said, here’s a list of breastmilk cooler bags we love that range from fancy to simple, large to small, and even skip the “bag” component altogether!

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Best breastmilk cooler bags for all lifestyles

Medela breastmilk cooler bag



Breast Milk Cooler and Transport Set

If you’re looking for a trusted household name when it comes to all things breastfeeding, Medela is it. That means their breastmilk cooler and transport set is, of course, going to top the list. This 5-piece set comes with 4 5-oz Medela bottles, a contoured ice pack to snugly fit around the bottles, and a sleek black bag.

The Medela cooler bag has 92% 5-star reviews that rave about this bag’s lightweight, compact design and that it definitely keeps milk cold. This one’s a winner all around.

Sarah Wells breastmilk cooler bag

Sarah Wells


Cold Gold Breastmilk Cooler Bag

This gorgeous breastmilk storage bag comes in a variety of color patterns, so if the bright mosaic isn’t for you, check out the black and white, or gray and white, or even the berry bloom pattern—you’re sure to find one you love.

And not only did the Sarah Wells brand think about aesthetics when designing their cooler bag, but they also thought about functionality a well. This bag comes with lots of extra features, including a baby photo / ID sleeve, an adjustable and detachable handle, and an extra pocket for valves and membranes.

Reviewers say: “I appreciate all the different patterns this bag is available in. It doesn’t scream MILK BAG so it could be used as a mini lunch bag or drink cooler down the road when the kids are older.” – Taylor Dugan

Momcozy breastmilk cooler bag e1670870046434



Multi-Function Breastmilk Cooler Bag

One common complaint with breastmilk cooler bags is that they don’t accommodate larger bottles. Well, meet the Momcozy! This one solves that problem with a removable middle layer that allows for bottles with more height. (And bonus, this bag doubles as a wine cooler for special MNO events, so it’s a multi-tasker—just like us!)

The Momcozy has a detachable buckle that makes hanging it on your stroller super convenient, and it works perfectly to store all types of bottle brands, including  Comotomo, Philips, Evenflo, Dr. Brown, Tommee, Lansino and Nuk.

Moms rave about this bag and love to store all sorts of things in the top compartment and side pockets, including pump parts or even an extra diaper and wipes, as well as their phone and keys when they hop out of the car.

Skip Hop breast milk storage bag

Skip Hop


Grab & Go Double Bottle Bag

Perfect for a mom who only needs to transport a couple bottles, the Skip Hop Grab & Go bag comes in three different colors, has an interior mesh pocket, and a two-way zipper so you can access one or both bottles if need be.

Reviewers say this choice is on the smaller side, so if you need to transport multiple bottles, it might not be the best choice. However, the Skip Hop Grab & Go is said to work great for wider bottles and looks stylish for the trendy mom-on-the-go.

Itzy Ritzy breastmilk cooler bag

Itzy Ritzy


Chill Like a Boss Bottle Bag

The Itzy Ritzy Chill Like a Boss bottle bag is… well, look at it. Have you ever seen a trendier bag to carry breastmilk in? With enough space for three tall bottles plus snacks, this bag will have everyone asking you where you got it and will absolutely increase your cool mom status as you chill like the boss that you are. (And it comes in nine different colors and designs, so if this coffee and cream style isn’t for you, maybe blush floral or monarch will be!)

One reviewer says this bag is “By far my favorite Itzy purchase and I wish I hadn’t waited. It’s so much cuter than the pictures.” – Erica

PackIt breastmilk cooler bag



Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler for Breastmilk and Formula

Looking for a breastmilk cooler bag but want to ditch the separate ice / gel packs? PackIt has what you’re looking for. This bag gets flattened down and tossed directly into your freezer when you get home because the freezable gel is built right into the walls of the bag. Designed by moms who get it, this PackIt bag holds four bottles and has a clear pouch on the front for your child’s name and the date. The easy to wipe clean polka dot fabric is an added bonus too.

Reviewers say: “Buy this! Perfect for travel and pumping on the go. Keeps my milk frozen for travel and keeps my express milk nice and cool til I get home. It keeps frozen and cool for 7+ hrs. Great size and easy to clean!” – Lilith and Colton Pike

MOMIGO breastmilk cooler bag



Breast Pump Bag Backpack and Cooler

Need more space? How about a bag that can double as a both a lunchbox and hold up to six (yes, SIX) bottles? Or one that can house your pump parts in one section and your bottles full of liquid gold in another? Because that’s exactly what the MOMIGO breast pump bag backpack and cooler can do.

One review raves about how much this bag has helped her, as a breastfeeding/pumping mom, when she has to travel: “I’ve taken this sucker through a dozen different airports (the bag fits upright under most airplane seats, which is important after I had one storage cup leak), had to leave it in a car on a hundred degree day for over an hour, had to keep it in a corner of someone’s office for an entire day, and had to go two days without access to a freezer to chill the milk and refreeze my ice pack overnight. Through all of these, if I have a solidly frozen ice pack at the beginning, the milk has stayed cool.” – Squirrelyone

YETI Roadie 24 cooler



Roadie 24 Hard Cooler

Obviously, if you’re going to invest in a cooler with this price tag, you’re going to want to get a lot of mileage out of it. Thankfully, it’s a YETI, so you will. This cooler will fit all the breastmilk you can possibly pack and then some. Great for travel, and for repurposing as a wine cooler (yes please), the YETI Roadie will be with you for years to come and can be used to transport all sorts of liquids (and solids) that you’ll need to keep cold.

Ceres Chill Breastmilk Chiller

Ceres Chill


Breastmilk Chiller

Or, how about ditching the bag altogether and just pumping right into a bottle that keeps your breastmilk cold for 20+ hours? The Ceres Chill Breastmilk Chiller is compatible with all major breast pump brands and can hold up to 34 oz of breastmilk.

And the reviews are in! Moms are loving this unique twist on breastmilk storage. One reviewer says: “I bought the Ceres Chill to have an easy breast milk storage option when going back to work as a nurse. It has made storing breast milk while away from home so easy. I love it so much that I’m considering buying a second one! I work 10 hours days and oftentimes need more storage.” – K.D.

Flexifreeze pocketbook



Pocketbook Breastmilk Cooler

The FlexiFreeze pocketbook cooler is a wallet-sized cooler with 16 cubes of pure water built right into it to ensure that whatever milk you store in this handle little satchel will stay cold. The FlexiFreeze pocketbook conveniently holds up to two mini-hospital sized bottles of breastmilk or several bags of breastmilk, so you can pump, store, and feed your baby with ease.

One review says: “Perfect for flying / traveling! Kept my fresh breastmilk cold for entire travel day. Held 4, 4 ounce bags. Exactly what I needed!”- Tasha Davis

And other reviews mention how convenient this cooler is for quick trips out of the house when you might need to pump and want to keep and safely store your milk until you get home.

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