Once you become a mom, it rarely seems like you have any time for yourself—I get it. All the things that you once seemed to manage on your plate have become scattered. The things that once brought you joy now seem like a task. How you once poured into yourself has fallen to the wayside. Again, I get it. But being intentional with your self-care is important, mama. And what better way to do that than with a guided journal?

Journaling has always been a love of mine—something that has helped me connect with my inner self and navigate through many emotions. Perhaps now that I’m a mom, journaling is even more important to me than it has ever been. Yet, as many mamas know, it has often been a challenge making time for myself and the things that I love.

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But that’s when my love for guided journals was discovered. Guided journaling has many benefits, and I find that it has been quite easier than freestyle journaling. Having focused prompts already laid out for me has made my journaling process much more rewarding—and much more manageable amongst all the other tasks that I have on my plate.

And what makes it even better is having a mom journal that’s specifically catered toward the pregnancy and postpartum experiences. These guided journals have helped me not only connect with myself on a deeper level, but also navigate this newfound identity that I have gained as a mama.

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While most moms likely own a baby memory book to document their child’s first few years of life, guided journals for the postpartum period can be used to document the mother’s journey—and can serve as a cherisable token to look back on years down the line. I took the liberty of putting together a list of guided journals for mothers. And mama, my advice to you? Treat yourself—because you deserve it.

5 guided journal suggestions for moms

the healthy motherhood journal



The Healthy Motherhood Journal

This is the first journal I purchased after giving birth—and it has truly been an anchor within my first year of being a mom. Even now that my child is nearing the age of two, the reflections in this journal still do so much to ground me in my motherhood journey. The depth and intimacy of the questions really beckon you to get vulnerable with a lot of often unspoken topics in motherhood—from reflecting on your labor and delivery to addressing the changes within your marriage to thinking about how your parenting style differs from how you were parented. One thing I absolutely love is that this journal provides self-care check-ins, nourishment tips and even healthy recipes at the end of every section.

moments journal



MOMENTS—The Journal For Moms

This guided journal is perfect for those busier moms who have so much on their plate, yet still want to carve out a few minutes for themselves. What I absolutely love about this journal is how quick and easy (yet still effective) it is. It sits on my nightstand, and a mere five minutes at the end of each day is enough to reflect on how the day went and set intentions for the next day. The prompts are the same for each day—having you reflect on how you felt, ways you made time for yourself, what you’re grateful for and how you plan to be intentional moving forward.

pressed blooms gratitude journal



Pressed Blooms Gratitude Journal

Though this journal isn’t specifically curated toward motherhood, it’s still a very effective journal for mamas to reflect on what they’re grateful for—which is an important thing for moms, especially when we get lost in the overwhelming chaos that often accompanies being a parent. With daily affirmations and space to reframe negative thoughts into positive ones, this journal can help to serve as a reminder that even in the midst of everything we may have going on, there is so much to be grateful for.

postpartum journal



A Postpartum Journal

This postpartum journal was created with a group of certified therapists. Its purpose is to help women navigate their transitions of adding another being into their families. With prompts, therapy tips and postpartum resources, this guided journal offers a lot to help mothers along the way.

the fourth trimester journal



The Fourth Trimester Journal: Practices and Reflections to Honor Your Journey into Motherhood

Not only are the illustrations in this postpartum journal a beautiful reminder of the motherhood experience, but the sections and thought-provoking questions really delve into the depths of how becoming a mom transforms you. From discussing the need for a “MotherNest” (a space for the mama to become) to reflecting on the moment that you feel you were birthed as a mother, this journal will take you to the innermost makings of your thoughts and emotions. And sometimes, that’s just what us mamas need.