I thought I was mentally prepared for my hair to shed after giving birth the second time around. If nothing else, at least it wouldn’t catch me totally off guard like it did the first time when I was convinced my entire head was going to fall out , one shower at a time. Yet here we are, at six months postpartum, and I’m still shedding.

As it turns out, nothing is going to stop it. Postpartum hormones, lack of sleep and poor nutrition are kind of the perfect storm for hair loss, making it a natural part of the process of having babies. (The good news? It’s only temporary.) However, you can give your hair and scalp a little help and reduce the volume of loss. With all the practice I’ve had, I’ve assembled an arsenal of products that helped me in my battle. (Most importantly, however, you need to be kind to yourself in this fragile process and remember that if something is concerning you to check in with your doctor.)

Here are the products that helped me deal with postpartum hair loss along with some other editor recommendations:

vital proteins collagen peptides

Vital Proteins


Collagen Peptides

I started taking collagen for overall joint, hair and nail health, and two things stood out to me almost immediately: my nails have never been this strong before and my hair is growing so fast. So, while I’m still losing a good amount of hair every day (enough to make a bird nest in the shower), I’m also already seeing a good two to three inch line of new hair growth. The famous “baby hairs” all moms rock along their hairline are growing much much faster.

tangle teezer detangling brush

Tangle Teezer


Wet Dry Detangling Brush

I use this brush in the shower to get all knots out, and then again after I gently towel dry my hair. It’s been the best brush so far in terms of actually detangling my stubborn knots while also not yanking chunks of hair of my already delicate scalp. Plus, it’s so gentle I also use it on my toddler’s hair to get his knots out.

ouai hair treatment mask



Treatment Mask

Keeping my hair tangle-free has been key in preventing more hair loss. Given that I have super thick, curly, long hair and that having newborn twins makes it hard to wash my hair as regularly as I like, it seems like I’m constantly rocking a mom bun. (Hello, knot city.) This hair mask has been a must in my weekly routine. My hair has never been as soft as it is just after treatment.

betty dain shower cap

Betty Dain


Shower Cap

I’ve learned that washing my hair less frequently helps it stay healthier—that’s why I love making a statement with a shower cap. This one has over 7,000 five-star reviews and is the number one bestseller on Amazon because it is truly mold-resistant and lasts forever.

Plaine Products Eco-Friendly Shampoo

Plaine Products


Eco Friendly Shampoo

This sulfate-free shampoo keeps my hair clean while preventing further damage. It’s also kid-friendly, keeping the number of products I need taking up space in my shower to a minimum. The bottle is refillable, making this shampoo even more eco-friendly, which is something I’m always looking for.

ouai supplement for thinning hair



Supplement for Thinning Hair

I’ve taken this supplement multiple times in my life (never while breastfeeding, always check in with your doctor before taking supplements). It has helped my hair grow faster and stronger since it’s packed with biotin, silica, ashwagandha and amino acids.

vegamour shampoo



Gro Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner Kit

As someone with toddler fine hair, I’ve struggled to keep hair loss to a minimum my entire adult life—not just postpartum. Since my hair is super fine and gets greasy pretty much the moment I step out of the shower, too much serum or post-washing product isn’t really my friend. I’ve tried all kinds of thickening and strand-saving shampoos and conditioners, but Vegamour’s GRO shampoo + conditioner are hands-down my favorite. (And not just because they smell exactly like The Body Shop’s satsuma. Throw back!) The brand’s scientifically-backed botanical formulas use ingredients like wild harvested marula oil, organic murumuru butter and ximenia oil help to condition, hydrate and fight damaging free radicals without leaving build-up or residue. My hair has without a doubt held on to length and volume in a markedly better way than it did before I started using it. Even my stylist noticed at my last haircut!
–Sara Goldstein, Commerce Editor

tineco moda one hairdryer



Moda One Ionic Dryer

When you want to keep the stress on your strands to a minimum, heat is not your friend. But if you’ve got the type of hair that doesn’t lend itself to air drying, you probably depend on a hair dryer from time to time. A real pickle, right? Not if you choose the right tools.

After years of subjecting my poor, thin locks to one cheap drugstore model after another, I became convinced they were making matters worse. That’s where Tineco comes in. By far the most used and smartest hair appliance I’ve had the pleasure of using, Tineco’s Moda One hair dryer makes it practically impossible to overheat or stress out your hair. Armed with an innovative smart sensor that actually senses moisture, it adjusts the heat and airflow to dry hair fast without frying it. Just get to work on a section and when the ring of light on the back changes from red to blue, you know it’s time to move to the next. Since using it my hair has suffered far less breakage and comes out notably smoother and shinier. Even cooler? You can connect it to an app for customized drying modes including ones for kids or pets.

–Sara Goldstein, Commerce Editor

Sans Ceuticals Moisture Protein Infusion



Moisture & Protein Infusion

If regrowth has bestowed you with a frizzy baby hair crown, a dose of moisture can be helpful to keep it tame and restore your hair as it grows back. The result? A mane that’s stronger, shinier and healthier all around. Plus, it helps detangle the hair with limited breakage — a relief for any mama who’s already struggling with hair loss! We also love that you can count the ingredients that Sans[ceuticals] uses on both hands, and that the brand doesn’t use any chemicals and doesn’t do any testing on animals.

–Sara Goldstein, Commerce Editor