It’s one thing to be trapped under a nursing baby. (The coos! The milk breath! The unabashed excuse to simply relax.) It’s quite another to be stuck tethered to your breast pump. (Granted you’re not so worried about dropping your phone on it, but still.)

One way to make it a little more comfortable is with a quality pumping bra, but which one should you try? The best pumping bras for you might be different from what your bestie prefers, but they’re all designed to keep your pump in place while keeping your hands free to do other things. Some kinds are meant to be worn only while you’re actually pumping while others function more like regular nursing bras with clips that come down for easy access.

Whatever your preference, a good bra is one of those pumping essentials you definitely need, so we’ve rounded up some of the top-rated and most raved about hands-free pumping bras to make your sessions just a little bit easier and more convenient. Take that time back, mama—even if that just means you’re scrolling TikTok looking for the best breastfeeding bottles (or just scrolling TikTok for fun). Because, priorities.

Shop our for your next hands-free breast pump bra below!

simple wishes hands free pumping bra

Simple Wishes


Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Easy to use and totally customizable, mamas rave about the Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bra. Not only does it work with practically every pump on the market, it also features a zip-in center panel that allows for an extra inch of side-to-side movement and proper positioning of pump flanges. The Velcro back panel ensures a perfect fit that stays put throughout your sessions while removable straps can be worn three different ways for added support. And since it’s so sturdy, there’s no reason to worry about spillage or bottle removal!

momcozy hands free pumping bra



Pumping Bra

An Amazon best-seller with over 41K ratings, the Momcozy is a budget-friendly no-brainer if you’re shopping for the best pumping bra that will meet your needs. The convertible straps and detachable clips allow you to wear it while pumping, nursing or even running errands while staying comfortable and supported throughout.

pumpease hands free pumping bra



Hands-Free Pumping Bra

When you feel like a 24/7 milk factory, sometimes you want something that looks a little less…industrial? Instead of your typical beige or black, PumpEase Hands-Free Pumping Bras offer fun colors and patterns to bring a splash of style to the pump life you’re living. And the high contrast patterns aren’t just made to look pretty. They stimulate and boost baby’s brain as well! The bandeau style can be worn solo or over top of your nursing bra to keep flanges and bottles in place and connects in the back with three hook and eye closures. (It also comes with straps that can be worn three different ways if you need extra support.) And because it’s free of velcro and zippers, you don’t have to worry about destroying your favorite top when you put it on.


Bravado Designs


Clip and Pump Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory

This smart design from Bravado can transform your favorite nursing bra into a hands-free pumping bra! While it’s technically made to fit the brand’s bras, many reviewers note that it’s compatible with most others on the market. Simply attach the Clip and Pump to your bra or tank’s nursing clips and you’re good to go. Convenient and easy. Who doesn’t love that?

Screen Shot 2022 02 14 at 3.10.20 PM

Kindred Bravely


Sublime Busty Hands-Free Pumping and Nursing Bra

If you need a stylish nursing swimsuit or a pair of cozy postpartum underwear, the experts at Kindred Bravely got you. Another product that knocks it out of the park? Their Sublime Busty Hands-Free Nursing and Pumping Bra. Designed specifically for mamas with cup sizes F-I, it features wider straps and a tight knit to provide ample support and weight distribution. Another reason to love it? Their unique EasyClips make it a cinch to get down to business without an annoying wardrobe change and can accommodate nursing, pumping or both at once.

larken pumping bra



Larken X

Say goodbye to lumpy pumping bras! Buttery-soft fabric and innovative design make the Larken X a versatile pumping mama’s dream. (It’s no surprise it’s sold out five times since it launched!) Designed for both pumping and nursing, the fully fabric construction is free of wires, hooks, zippers or clips, accommodating your pump with just a lift and fold. It’s supportive without any uncomfortable digging and can be tossed in the washing machine without worry.

ollie gray anywhere bra

Ollie Gray


The Anywhere Bra

We so appreciate the fresh and colorful prints of The Anywhere Bra from Ollie Gray Maternity. (All that beige gets a bit boring after awhile, no?) And it’s not just the good looks we love. The althleisure-inspired design is made from anti-microbial and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you comfortable throughout your pumping (and nursing sessions) and some reviewers note it’s even comfortable enough to sleep in. Best of all, you can toss it in the washing machine, because you have too many other things to worry about than hand-washing your delicates.

The Do Anything Bra



The Do Anything Bra

Named the Best Pumping Bra by both Babylist and The Bump, The Do Anything Bra lets you do just that—anything—while you’re pumping. Made with supportive yet comfortable fabric that holds in all your pumping parts securely, and developed in collaboration with a lactation consultant, this one is a favorite of breastfeeding moms everywhere.

A version of this article was published August 17, 2021. It has been updated.