My belly has been through some things.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum (yep, severe debilitating pregnancy-related vomiting), the pregnancies of each of my four kids, the 65 pounds of weight gain I have endured with each pregnancy, stretch marks, Occupational Therapy for pregnancy pelvic pain, unmedicated childbirth, and of course, postpartum recovery.

It’s my personal opinion that this belly deserves some love. So starting with my second pregnancy, I’ve relied on Belly Bandit’s postpartum belly bands (which I own in three sizes) to help support my core, reduce swelling, and begin to activate my midsection after nine months of being stretched to the max.

Here’s why I love Belly Bandit:

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Belly Bandit


1. Belly Bandit original postpartum compression wrap

The Original Belly Bandit Compression wrap is a supportive, single band that forms somewhat of a flat ‘board’ on your belly. In my early postpartum weeks, I wrap it tight (but still at a comfortable snugness) and go about my day feeling like I was wrapped in a warm hug (hey, Olaf ☃️!).

i tried it belly bandit is it worth it 1

Belly Bandit


2. Belly Bandit B.F.F. postpartum recovery wrap

The BFF Postpartum Compression Wrap is ideal for me towards the end of the fourth trimester—when I’ve lost a bit of the baby weight, my tummy swelling is a bit less, and I’m looking to get back to wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes. The dual bands on the top and bottom help customize the fit for your changing shape and once on, I’d lightly tuck under my jeans when I was going out for a date night or event at my kids’ school.

And, I’m not ashamed to admit I also use Belly Bandit when I’m postpartum and still ‘look’ pregnant, (which is totally natural!) but want to go outside the home without being asked, “so when’s the baby due?” (It happens).

Let me be clear: There’s nothing wrong with your postpartum belly! It’s perfect exactly the way that it is. But I personally found myself wanting more core support in my early postpartum months.

Belly Bandit especially helps in that important transition time, the fourth trimester, when bellies are beautifully soft but also in need of more support. It’s essentially a modern take on an ancient tradition of belly binding—wrapping womens’ bellies postpartum to help their bodies recover.

I often would put a Belly Bandit on when I was about to be a bit more active—cleaning up the house, going for a walk,or spending time cooking. The light compression would help remind me to activate my core and it seemed to bring some strength back to my midsection after continued use.

So is it worth the hype?

If you’re a postpartum mama who prefers a free-flowing style and to let nature take its course, you might want to skip the bands (and more power to you!). If, like me, you want a little extra support along the way, then Belly Bandit wraps are totally worth it and are a key part of my postpartum recovery kit.

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