We’ve been there. During pregnancy and postpartum, it can be just. so. hard. for mamas to get comfortable. That’s why Motherly has teamed up with the product pros at Ingenuity to bring you a pregnancy pillow designed to support mom’s changing body.

And because we know that you love multifunctional products that work for the many stages of motherhood, we made sure the pillow could be used during pregnancy and postpartum in multiple sleeping, lounging or reading positions.

best pregnancy pillow

The full body pillow is made in an S-shape to give mamas more room to move in a compact format that won’t overwhelm your entire bed. You’ll be able to get up close to the pillow, helping you stay more supported while you sleep, plus the pillow’s cooling fabric is breathable, which will help you have comfortable nights. The flexible pillow design comes in handy during waking hours, too, by supporting mom in multiple positions.

Use as a prop on the couch and relax into its contours for back and shoulder relief. The soft, 100% cotton and machine-washable slipcover makes it easy to freshen up. You can rest easy through every trimester with the cooling comfort of the Esse™ Pregnancy Support Pillow.

The Esse™ Pregnancy Support Pillow features:

  • Pregnancy support pillow made for more restful nights
  • S-shape design fits mom comfortably and flexibly
  • Multifunctional: Can be used for sleeping, lounging or reading
  • Includes soft, machine-washable 100% cotton slipcover
  • Includes cooling fabric for more comfort
  • Pregnancy full body support pillow cradles mom’s body day or night

You’ve got this, mama. And we’ve got you.

best pregnancy pillow