One of the first things a new parent learns, amidst the sleep deprivation and endless diaper changes, is that their tiny baby grows FAST. It seems like each new month (or even week!) brings another development—they laugh for the first time, their hair is growing in, they can keep their head up longer, a tooth is popping through. And as parents frantically add each of these big moments to their baby memory books, making sure it’s all documented, they often realize that they need more pictures to look back and remember all of the many changes that happened from month to month. That’s where baby milestone blankets come in and why they are such a smart (and fun!) purchase for a family expecting a new baby.

What are baby milestone blankets?

A milestone blanket is one of those things parents always say “I’m so glad I had one of those!” There’s nothing better than flipping through an album of your baby from the first day to the 365th day of their life, all on the same blanket. Plus, a milestone blanket offers you the chance to “mark” their age—whether it’s three months or six, so when you look back on old pictures, you don’t have to wonder how old your baby was.

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What is the best size for a baby milestone blanket?

Baby milestone blankets come in a variety of sizes, mostly starting at 30″ x 40″ and going all the way up to 60″ x 80.” Consider the size of your space when purchasing—where you do you think you’ll lay out the blanket for a pic? How far out do you want to zoom so you can include the entire design? Also, consider that baby will be growing, so a small one might be perfect for your tiny newborn, but once they’re a squirmy 10-month-old, you might wish you’d have purchased a bigger one.

How to take pictures on a milestone blanket

It’s simple, really, and super fun! Usually around the first of the month (or honestly, whenever you think of it because we know you’re still in that desperate “When does parenting get less exhausting? phase) you lay out your blanket and check for good lighting (you are taking a picture after all). Then you set up the rest—how will you “mark” the month? Did your blanket come with a ring to encircle the number or numbered cards to place? If not, you can choose whatever marker or cut-out you want, like an empty picture frame, your favorite bracelet, or even just make a circle with a piece of string or ribbon. Or, make your own numbered cards out of card stock or felt!

Finally, once the blanket is set up, place your baby down on it, and get ready to snap those pics and share away with everyone you love.

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Motherly’s picks for the best baby milestone blankets

Boho Butterfly Baby Milestone Blanket



Boho Butterfly Wings Personalized Milestone Blanket

This gorgeous butterfly milestone blanket comes in fleece or sherpa, a variety of sizes, and the best part—can be personalized with baby’s name, making it a great choice for all the baby pics (and snuggles!)

Earth Baby Outfitters milestone blanket

Earth Baby Outfitters


Luxe Milestone Blanket

This super-cute milestone blanket is made from at least 50% sustainably-sourced materials, making it one of the most eco-friendly options on our list. It also comes with 14 milestone stickers to track your baby’s growth that first year.

Woodland Monthly Baby Milestones Blanket



Woodland Personalized Milestone Blanket

We love this extra-soft woodland-themed milestone blanket that you can order with your child’s name. Also, it comes in two different sizes so you can pick the best one for your space.

Baby's First Year Blanket - Sunrise Theme



Sunrise Milestone Blanket with Cards

LULUJO’s trendy milestone blanket set comes with one large sunrise-themed muslin blanket and seven double-sided cards with 14 milestone options. You’re up at sunrise anyway, right? So why not snap a pic?

Mountains Milestone Blanket



Mountain-Themed Personalized Milestone Blanket

Got a little adventurer on your hands? Or at least you hope so? Here’s a milestone blanket for you that comes in a variety of soft fabrics. You can also choose whatever size you want and add baby’s name when you order!

Sunshine Baby Organic Cotton Milestone Blanket



Sunshine Baby Milestone Organic Cotton Blanket

MORI’s organic hand-stitched milestone blanket is stuffed with recycled wadding, making it extra soft and comfy for baby to lie on, and it doubles as a great play mat as baby grows. This one also comes with a detachable place marker for when you’re ready to snap that picture.

Baby Milestone Mat

Wonder & Wise


Milestone Mat with Interactive Pieces

Here’s a milestone mat with lots of fun options to play with—including a chalk cloth word bubble, a chalk cloth banner, canvas numbers 1-12, canvas months x 12, and a measuring tape. Just add baby!

Disney Baby Pooh Milestone Blanket



Winnie the Pooh Milestone Baby Blanket

Disney fans will adore this Winnie the Pooh milestone blanket with its soft, muted colors and sweet message at the bottom. Plus, you’ll receive a felt honeypot cut-out to place over each new month as baby grows.

Picture Perfect Muslin Cotton Milestone Baby Blanket

Honest Baby Clothing


Organic Cotton Milestone Blanket

For a unique and fun take on the milestone baby blanket, try this organic cotton option + wooden ring from Honest Baby Clothing. Your IG feed is about to get a lot sweeter!

Baby's First Year Blanket - A Dream Come True Theme



Dream Come True Milestone Blanket with Cards

Between the bright rainbow and giant raindrop cards, there’s so much to love here. Plus, this wonderfully soft muslin blanket can wrap around your little one for warmth and comfort too.

baby lion milestone blanket

Carter's Baby


Baby Lion Milestone Blanket

It’s simple design and adorable “Hello World!” phrasing makes Carter’s Baby Lion blanket an easy choice when shopping for a milestone blanket.

Baby Milestone Throw Blanket



Baby Milestone Throw

Here’s a unique take on the traditional milestone blanket style. This throw is made from eco-friendly recycled cotton, and to encircle the month, you can choose a bracelet, ribbon or string, or even a small empty picture frame!

Moon and Stars Milestone Blanket



Moon and Stars Personalized Milestone Blanket

Lots of options here to make this blanket perfect for your little one. Choose your size, choose your marker (wooden ring or bird), and personalize it with baby’s name. Plus, parents love to tell their kids they love them “to the moon and back”, so this one’s a winner for sure.

Under the Sea milestone blanket



Under The Sea Milestone Blanket

Channel your love for the ocean with this “Under the Sea”-themed milestone blanket that comes with a felt star cut-out. You might end up with a future scuba-diver!

Double Sided Baby Milestone Blanket

Mighty Wishes


Double Sided Safari Milestone Blanket

Looking for a milestone blanket that offers a bit more? This double-sided Safari-themed blanket has extra milestones on the back like “First laugh”, “first tooth”, and several major holidays.

Circular Milestone Blanket



Circular Milestone Blanket with Cards

This circular milestone blanket is so soft and beautiful and has pompoms along the edge for an additional touch. It also comes with a wooden ring and cards that can be filled out with info like baby’s name, height, and weight.

Rainbow Baby Milestone Blanket



Organic Rainbow Baby Milestone Blanket

If you’d like to honor your rainbow baby with a special milestone blanket, we’ve got a lovely option for you. Also, this choice makes a thoughtful gift as it comes beautifully packed with an arrow, cloud marker, and wooden birth announcement card.

Rustic Twinkle Twinkle Milestone Baby Blanket



Rustic Twinkle Twinkle Milestone Baby Blanket

Looking for something rustic with a darker background? How about a sweet and sentimental option like this one with a reference to a favorite children’s poem?

Mud Pie milestone blanket

Mud Pie


Milestone Blanket & Frame Set

Sometimes, simple is best—especially when you want baby to be the focal point in your pics! If you’re in search of a milestone blanket that’s not busy, but still beautifully captures each month of your baby’s first year, check out this black and white frame set option from Mud Pie.

Twins Milestone Blanket

Dogs du Monde


Watercolor Puppies Twins Milestone Blanket

Attention dog-lovers and parents of twins! Here’s a milestone blanket you’ll love. Made from soft, snugg-able fleece, all you need to do is add babies’ names and hit add to cart!