Whether you’re just starting solids or regularly share a table with a food-flinging toddler, you know mealtime can be messy. Between using their purees like hair gel and scattering enough food on the floor to feed a small army, you begin to wonder if any bites even make it into their mouth.

It’s all part of the process, but as with anything in life, the right tools make everything a little easier. Case in point? Ezpz which is currently offering Motherly readers 30% off purchases of $50+!

Launched by a mama of three boys under three back in 2015, the brand has become a mealtime staple for families with little ones. Fed up (pun intended!) with all the hassle of cleaning up after mealtime, she realized what she needed was a plate her little ones couldn’t spill or hurl to the floor. The result? A self-sealing bowl and mat that has become ubiquitous with first foods.

Their innovative silicone-based designs not only make things less messy–they also help little ones more easily feed themselves. Win, win, mamas!

And it’s not just their time in action that makes them shine. They’re also super easy to wash (just pop them in the dishwasher!), oven and microwave safe, and easy to stack for storage. And since they’re all made from silicone, everything they make seems to last forever.

It may have started with a mat that even the most Houdini-like tots can’t hurl to the floor, but the brand has since expanded to offer a range of colorful mealtime essentials that are beloved by celebrities, Motherly editors and tired parents alike.

From January 24-31, 2023 ezpz is offering 30% off orders $50+ to Motherly readers with code MOTHERLY30. (That even includes the First Foods Set which is already worth every penny at full price! Note however, that it does exclude the new Oral Development Tools.) Don’t know what to snag? Don’t worry. I asked Team Motherly to share their favorites and there was no shortage of suggestions. Check them out below!

ezpz mini bowl




Motherly’s VP of Content Strategy + Operations, Erin Lem is a big fan of the ezpz bowls. “The angle/lip of the side makes it easy for toddlers to scoop out their own food,” a detail that is much appreciated when you’ve also got a hungry baby to feed at the same time. They’re available three sizes and because they’ve thought of everything, they also offer lids to store any food that’s left over–you know, since you’re not losing half of it to the floor anymore. (Sold separately.)

Prices start at 13.99 with discount. 




Mini Cup + Straw Training System

Practically everyone I talked to put in a good word for the adorable and oh-so-functional Mini Cup + Straw Training System. It’s the perfect size for little hands and the grippiness is super helpful when they’re learning to drink from an open cup, sans straw and lid.

ezpz spoons



Tiny Spoon Twin Pack

Ezpz’s spoons are favorite of Hayli Craig, Motherly’s Editorial Operations Manager. “Unlike regular spoons that dip in the middle, ezpz’s are more like a shovel, making them the perfect shape for baby’s first foods. And they’re the perfect size (and grippiness!) for tiny hands.”

ezpz first foods set



First Foods Set

This smart bundle takes care of all the essentials: a mini cup, two spoons and a Tiny Bowl mat that’s perfect for snack time and mealtime alike.

ezpz drying rack



Drying Rack

Another super convenient tool is the customizable drying rack. With removable pegs and built in nubbins, it’s an ideal companion for not only your ezpz collection, but all your essential baby gear. Bottles, pacis, whatever!

A version of this story was published February 10, 2022. It has been updated.